ISO 9001:2000
ISO 9001:2000
  Precipitated Silica Levigated / Micronized China clays  
  Aluminium Silicate Micronized Calcite / Dolomite  
  Micronized Talc/Barytes Zinc Stearate / Calcium Stearate  
  Zinc Oxide (Active / Transparent) Calcium Sulphate  
  Hydrated Calcium Silicate      

Organic accelerators used in rubber compounding are almost always dependant on the presence of activators. Zinc Oxide is the most important of such activators.
a. Because of their very small particle sizes zinc-oxide active & transparent (NK-A & NK-T) cause very powerful activation of the cure. Depending on the type and amount of accelerator present they can considerably delay the onset of cure without simultaneously extending the total curing time.
b. Because of stronger activating effect, the amount of this substance needed for the same modulus is lesser as compared to ordinary Zinc Oxide.
c. Unlike ordinary Zinc-Oxide, ZINCOSIL NK-T is compatible with the production of transparent goods as it does not impair the transparency of the vulcanizates when added in small and moderately large amounts.
d. They cause no changes in the colour of the vulcanizates. They reduce yellowing in white and light coloured goods which are exposed to strong light.
e. As they do not have pigmenting properties, they do not influence effect of colour pigments provided they are not too heavily loaded.
f. Due to exceptionally low lead compound contents they are particularly suitable for vulcanizates intended to be practically free from heavy metals.
g. They do not boom.
a. Can be used as activators in : 1. sulphur cures 2. peroxide cures (often) 3. sulphurless metallic-oxide cures. Used as crosslinking agent for lattices with reactive groups and for CR.
b. Suitable for following types of rubber-NR, IR, BR, SBR, NBR, IIR, CR, EPDM, CSM.
c. Transparent goods i.e. injection caps, condoms, gloves, lab. appartus.
d. Rubber foam.
e. Highly elastic vulcanizates (spring components).
(25 kgs) In new laminated H.D.P.E. bags with loose polythene liner inside.
a. Owing to the fineness of particles, ZINCOSIL NK-A and NK-T are very easy to incorporate and disperse well.
b. They raise the viscosity of the mix. Large additions stiffen the mix considerabely.
c. As their propertion is increased, the thermal conductivity of rubber mixes is raised which is an advantage in hot air curing.
d. In large proportions, zinc-oxide active, NK-A behaves like a reinforcing filler. It gives vulcanizates high tensile strength and rebound resilience with a simultaneous increase in hardness. It also imparts resistance to ageing and protection against flex-cracking.
a. Our strong technical background in terms of R & D facilities and scientific personnel has enabled us to optimize our production cost to provide you the best possible quality at a very reasonable price.
b. Equipped with a rubber laboratory, we have modified our product to give an excellent combination of various desirable properties in rubber.
c. Fineness of particles or surface area is the most important property which determines activity. We have optimised the surface area to give best results in rubber.
Test Unit Value
Percentage as ZnO % min 70
Total Soluble Salts % min 0.5
Sieve Residue 350 mesh % min 0.2
Bulk Density* gm/cc 0.4-0.6
Surface Area m²/gm 38-42
Moisture % max 2.0
Packing Kgs / bag 25
Transparency after vulcanization Visual observation Transparent equal to imported grades
pH -- 6.5-8.0
*At the time of packing.
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