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ISO 9001:2000
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ISO 9001:2000
MLA GROUP OF INDUSTRIES manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of precipitated chemicals and functional fillers, both synthetic and naturally occurring processed minerals including Silica , Precipitated Silica ( ppt silica ), Hydrated Calcium Silicate, Aluminium Silicate, Zinc Stearate, Calcium Stearate, Calcium Sulphate, Zinc-oxide active / transparent, Levigated / Surface treated China Clays, kaolin, china clay, calcined clay, Micronized Calcite, Dolomite, Talc
Hydrated Calcium Silicate
  Precipitated Silica Levigated / Micronized China clays  
  Aluminium Silicate Micronized Calcite / Dolomite  
  Micronized Talc/Barytes Zinc Stearate / Calcium Stearate  
  Zinc Oxide (Active / Transparent) Calcium Sulphate  
  Hydrated Calcium Silicate Azodicarbonamide (ADC) Blowing Agent  
  Aluminium Stearate PVC stabilizers - Powder form ( UNISTAB - PP series )  
  Glycerol Mono Stearate ( GMS ) PVC stabilizers - Flakes form ( UNISTAB - LPF series)  
      Zinc oxide ( white seal - 99.5 % and pharma grade )  

This is a hydrated amorphous synthetic Calcium Silicate. Due to its amorphous nature it is safer to use than natural crystalline forms. It also has an entirely different range of properties compared to natural forms, i.e, higher surface area, oil absorption and lower particle size and bulk density.

Sodium Silicate and Calcium Sulphate are reacted together under precisely controlled conditions to give a slurry of Calcium Silicate and Sodium Sulphate in solution. By stringent control of parameters such as temperature, pH, electrolyte concentration, agitation and reaction time, Silicate of required structure and surface characteristics is produced.
The slurry is then filtered and washed with water to remove sodium sulphate. The filter cake is subsequently dried and then milled to the required particle size distribution. Finally the silicate is collected, deaerated, and packed at a controlled bulk density.
Property Unit Value
Surface area (BET) m²/gm 200-225
Average Particle Size Micron 2.8
pH(2% acqueous solution) -- 9.5-10.5
Moisture loss on drying at 105°C( 2 hours) % 6.5
lgnition loss at 900°C % max. 8.0
Water Absorption % 300-440
Bulk Density* gm/cc 0.07-0.12
Whiteness % 95-98
Refractive Index -- 1.47
Specific Gravity -- 2.1
Silica (SiO2) % 78.5
Calcium (CaO) % 19.2
Chlorides % Traces
Sulphate % Traces
Lead (pb) ppm max. 5
Arsenic (As) ppm max. 2
                               *At the time of packing.
Download Specifications
a. Optimum particle size and surface characterstics obtained through rigrous control of the precipitation parameters, which have been determined by intense research, giving in turn an excellent oil absorption, much higher than most commercially available grades.
b. Processed on a fully automated plant and thus has high purity and is free from any contaminants.
c. Excellent optical whiteness.
d. Excellent anti-caking and reinforcement potential.
a. As an anti-caking and free flow agents in chemicals, Insecticides/Pesticides and similar powdered materials due to its excellent water/oil absorption.
b. As a reinforcing agent in rubber.
c. As a functional extender in emulsion paints - ensures film smoothness and acts as a buffer against acidity of the paint system.
d. As a carrying agents in animal feedstuff, insecticides / pesticides, chemicals due to its very high water absorption capacity, fine particle size and low bulk density.
e. To control rheological properties in a variety of application.
Adhesives, battery seprators, brake linings, paint primers, paper, plasticized PVC, plastisols, polishes, printing inks, sealants and mastics, tabletting and pelletising, textiles and thermal insulation.
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