ISO 9001:2000
ISO 9001:2000

 Mr. N.N. Kapoor (Head R&D MLA
Group, right) with Dr. Arup Chandra
(Head R&D - Apollo Tyres)

The R&D Department of MLA Group has to its credit the development of some of the most advanced technologies for the Production of Precipitated Chemicals and Processed Minerals, worldover. Our R & D department is recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. Intensive research is carried on for continuous process improvement, upgradation, new products and technologies are developed to meet the customer-specific requirements. We work with our clients on their problems, developing new and unique tailor-made solutions.

Our R&D Deptt. is headed by Mr.N.N. Kapoor (B.Tech., M.S., University of Minnesotta, USA). It is equipped with full chemical and physical testing facilities and application test equipments. We also get the best technical consultation and state-of-art- infrastructural support from the premier research institutes of the country, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Kanpur), Harcourt Butler Technical (HBTI-Kanpur), CSIR (Lucknow) and DMSRDE (Kanpur).

  R & D Head Mr. N. N. Kapoor
The R&D Department of MLA Group works on the following main subjects:-
Precipitation Technology
How by a rigourous control of the reaction parameters such as concentration of reactants, temperature, stiring rpm, pH of reaction etc. the particle structure and morphology can be modified to give the optimum combination of properties like bulk density (lightness), absorption capacity, surface area, particle size etc. for a particular application. We have developed precipitated silicas and silicates having absorption capacities as high as 600 % and bulk density 0.04 gm/cc which are unmatched worldwide.
SEM & XRD Machine  
Surface Modification / Activation

To assist the development of best products for various polymers and plastics, we have an in-house Rubber & Plastic Laboratory equipped with Kneader, Pilot two roll Mixing Mills, Hydraulic Press, Rheometer, Plasticoder, and all testing equipments for Tensile Strength, Abrasion Resistance, Flexing behaviour, Compression Set, Resilience and Hardness,thermal stability, heat stability etc. We also undertake formulation development needs for our clients.

Rubber Laboratory

Few Achievements
  • Highest Absorption Capacity Precipitated Silica in the world
  • Lowest Bulk Density Silica
  • Sodium Aluminium Silicate ( import subsitute )
  • Zinc Oxide Active / Transparent
  • High Dispersible and thermal stable Metallic Stearates
  • Anti-Settling Clays
  • Acidic clay
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